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Corporate promotional calendars are a fabulous marketing tool for every business. They are a functional gift that can save your customers the hassle and cost of buying one themselves. Calendars also put your company in front of your customer every day of the year.

Here's an example from Dunkin' Donuts:


The first key for a proper promotional calendar is to make it fun, attractive, and relevant enough that your customer will put it up on the wall and use it. It’s even better if they like it enough to request multiple copies for their friends and coworkers. You should choose a theme that is both relevant to your business and your customer and design it to be an attractive addition to their office space.

Secondly, include branding on every page. The ultimate goal of a corporate promotional calendar is to promote your business. In order to do that, make sure your company logo or other branding is featured on every page of the calendar. It doesn’t have to hit your customer over the head like the example above, but you want your company to be in the front of your customer’s mind when he is ready to buy.

Third, add some tips and deals. To help make your calendar even more valuable, include tips and deals related to your company for each month. For retail businesses these can be coupons or product specials. For service businesses these can be professional tips or advice related to your service.

Fourth, it’s important to distribute before the holidays. The great thing about a calendar is that it will remain in your customer’s workspace for the entire year. You don't want to lose that spot to your competition. It’s important to send out your calendars before the first of the year, so your customers have it in hand and ready to use when the New Year starts.

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