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Thinking of going Postal?

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In this digital age, it may seem counterintuitive to talk about using ‘snail mail’ to get your message to your customers, but printing postcards is still an effective marketing tool. Regardless of what we think about the post office, they are very, very good at getting mail delivered to the addressee. Plus, if they get it wrong and you let them know, then they will re-deliver it correctly for no additional charge!

Recently, the post office introduced a service called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

  1. EDDM has several remarkable features:
  2. A 65% reduction on postage;
  3.  No names or addresses required;
  4. Oversized postcards allowed;
  5. As easy as dropping a letter at your own post office.

Let’s look at these features individually.

The postage rate for EDDM is only $0.16 versus $0.46 for 1st class mail. That savings means you can send your message to almost three times as many people for the same postage costs! Obtaining this rate requires NO postage permit or additional fees either. A generic “EDDM RETAIL” indicia is all that is needed for the “stamp”.

Previously, if you were going to send a large mailing, you would have to fret about names and addresses. How current is your list? Has it been put thru the appropriate postal checks? No more!! With EDDM, simply addressing your postcard to “Local Postal Customer” is all that is required.

In the old days (last year!) in order to obtain the lowest postage rate you needed to keep the piece to 4” X 6” – which isn’t much space to say all the wonderful things you want to say. Now, with EDDM, the post office actually requires you to make the piece BIGGER – up to 12” X 15”. In fact, the typical piece is roughly 6” X 12”.

Every Door Direct MailDetermining where to send your mail piece is just a click away. The routes you pick for EDDM are all on the web. You simply log-in and type either a zip code or address that you want to mail to. You are then able to interactively click on roads to see the route and then self-determine which routes to mail to. The service will show you the streets and the counts for each route. You have to mail to an entire route, but NOT the whole town. Additionally, you can mail to any town with a post office. (Try the tool now)

Direct mail still has a large impact on sales results. An article in The Wall Street Journal (click here) documented several companies that cut back in their direct mail only to see sales decline over 25% and then bounce right back higher once the direct mail campaigns were restarted!

Direct mail is still a powerful marketing tool for all businesses and now with EDDM getting your message delivered is cheaper and easier than ever.


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