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The importance of Business Cards

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The importance of a good business card cannot be overlooked. This simple piece of 3.5"x2" sturdy cover stock is the best way to share contact information with another professional. Business is about building relationships, and the first step towards a creating a valuable relationship is a good first impression and second is the  ability to maintain communication with that professional in an ongoing basis. The business card accomplishes both. Swapping business cards is more polite, faster and more efficient than trying to type somebody's contact information into a database on your phone or making them type yours as they are talking to you and trying to carry on a conversation.

The focus in all good relationships is on the other person. Carrying a high quality business card is a great way to make life easier for the other person. The business card is technology agnostic, so your contact can always read your physical card regardless of the type of phone or computer or tablet the other person uses. Additionally, the other person can retrieve the information later and add you to their contacts when it is more convenient for them.

Nasir Mehmood, a senior marketing executive for MechTechnologies says that for sales and marketing professionals (and we'd add all professionals), "the best thing to carry and give out is a business card." He notes that a business card reflects who the person or company is and communicates the capabilities of the product or service offered.