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5 Tips for Meaningful Holiday Cards

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The holiday season is a great time to connect with customers. Holiday cards and corporate calendars are easy and affordable ways to strengthen your relationship with your customers and make them feel appreciated. These small tokens of gratitude help develop long term relationships and repeat sales. They are a personal and friendly way to say thanks and keep your company in the front of your customer’s mind.

Remember to say “Thanks”


 The end of the year is a natural time to reflect on the success from the past year, and all of that success is due to your loyal customers. When sending out your holiday cards, it’s important to remember to thank your customers and let them know that you’re proud to be their supplier or service provider. You understand that they have a choice of who they use, and you want to acknowledge their trust in choosing you.


Give a gift


In addition to mailing holiday cards, it doesn’t hurt to send along a small gift. This can be chocolate, fruit or another treat, a gift card, or something more extravagant for your best customers. No matter what, a small gift will elevate your status in the mind of your customer and help earn long term customer loyalty.


Personalize it


Whenever possible, personalize your holiday cards. The ultimate personal message is the hand written note. Many people forgo the hand written holiday card, and that just means yours will stand out even more. If you have too many customers to hand write each card, make sure that at least the address is specific to them (not “Current Resident”) and choosing a font that look likes handwriting is a good substitute for the real thing.

 Holiday themed offer

The primary purpose of your holiday cards is simply to express gratitude and build relationships. However, it may be appropriate to also extend a special, holiday-themed offer to your best customers. Customers always appreciate a little VIP treatment, and special deal really can’t hurt.

 Have Fun

Throughout the year it’s typical to think of Company X as your customer, but it’s an individual or group of people at that company who are really your customers. It’s important to remember to have a little fun with your holiday cards. It’s about two people connecting during a special time of year to appreciate a good working relationship and look forward to the coming year.