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Clients & Testimonials

Just wanted to say thanks for the great work on the Harvard Pro Musica banner--- it looks fantastic! I'll be showing it off to the group at rehearsal tomorrow night as we get in the home stretch for our concert.


Harvard Pro Musica

Harvard, MA

 You folks are the best, the greatest, and then some!



Maugel Architects, Inc.

Harvard, MA

Dear Jeff,

Everything was perfect!!

I love the materials you used for both the banners and the podium sign... I’ll keep those in mind for other projects.

Thanks so very much for such a great job and for delivering the materials directly to my office which helped out a great deal.


CD - Intuit

We have been doing business with ISS since 2004 and have always been pleased with their customer service, quality, and speed. As with every business, the quality of a product is crucial. Jeff and the staff at ISS use superior products and have offered educated suggestions to improve my print materials which also meet my pricing requirements. I’m always pleased with the outcome and will continue to enjoy doing business with Jeff and ISS.

~MF, Executive Director, Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce (www.nvcoc.com)

We switched from in-house order fulfillment with various printing sources, to a consolidated order fulfillment and printing model with ISS in mid-2007. It was a nearly seamless transition and a great relief to have a single, reliable point of contact for these important business processes. Over the last two years, ISS has consistently delivered quality products to us and our customers. On the very rare occasion that there was any sort of issue, ISS has always been quick to rectify the situation, providing excellent customer service and speedy response time.

Jeff has put a great team together at ISS who are both friendly and accessible – and it is great having such a dependable vendor that I never have to worry about!


Sales Operations Administrator

Cytel, Inc.

Cambridge, MA

The box with all of the materials just arrived at my doorstep - I can't believe it got here so quickly! I checked everything - it's all there and it looks great! I can't thank you enough. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

JD Change Collaborators

I spoke with my decorator brother in England who is absolutely thrilled with his new magnetic signs and fliers.

He tells me that he was so taken with the magnets that he decided to affix them to his van and take a quick cruise around a couple of very well heeled neighbourhoods in Essex, England.

Not too long into his maiden advertising cruise he gets pulled over by the local constabulary. It turns out the officer offered a friendly warning that the signs made his van look somewhat like a local police car and suggested he use the large side sign only when stationary!

Undeterred and ever the opportunist, my brother profusely thanked the kindly officer and told him the signs came all the way from America and that he had every intention of using them. He also handed the bewildered officer one of his new card fliers and offered a discount to any officer from the local police station.

No tickets were issued amidst smiles all around.

No word yet on whether or not any work will result!

P.A. Cheveralls

“Doug is THRILLED (like a little kid thrilled!!!!) with his cards!!!!!!!!!”
Becker Design

I want to complement you on the job you did for our seminar this week.  Your brochures for the Alan Weiss Program were beautiful.

The Society of Professional Consultants

You freakin rock!



Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps

Thanks Geralyn, sent off to the guys for their ok.  The show was really great!  The guys made a lot of good contacts, did tons of demos, and already have sales calls lined up!!  The guys loved all their marketing materials.  And they were the only ones using QR codes in their ad or handouts!

Healthcare Revenue Strategies, LLC.

Thank you so much for getting my business cards to me. Ups came in today with a package for me and I was so shocked that it was my cards already! I shouldn't have been so surprised because I know I will always get exceptional service from ISS

Thank you again!

New Stylist. New Life. New You!

“Thanks for the recent reproductions. They came out beautifully. You (literally!) make us look really good. :)”

Chief Customer Officer Council

Hi Jeff, You are the most wonderful printer EVAH!!!!!
Payplus Payroll

I wanted to send a quick thanks for helping me with all of my printing requirements over the last several months. Your help has been, and continues to be, greatly appreciated. I hope I’m not pushing the envelope too much with all of my last minute, rush, rush jobs. I’ll keep working on giving you more lead time.

See you soon and thanks again,

SPG Solar

Dear Andrea,
Thank you and ISS for your support of HCT’s Run for the Hills. The event was a huge success with hundreds of participants. 100% of the net proceeds went to support the important work the trust does in Harvard. Your partnership helped make the event a success!
Thank you,
Harvard Conservation Trust